Find. Your. Tribe.
Are you sick of not finding your clients

I realized my tribe was struggling with finding their tribe, so I created this 'What Vibes your Tribe' Volume 1.

This course explains how I did it, and how you can too.

You’ll Learn:

  • Where your peeps are at.
  • What 'language' they are using.
  • How you can use that language to get them to engage with you.
  • Discover the words they are googling and how they describe their pain points.
  • It gave me the confidence to become more visible in my business and since the reading, I had over 200 people opt into my webinar training..”

    Minling Chuang

    Brand Fame School
  •  Danielle's stunning business intuition helping me craft a single line of text on my homepage, two potential clients contacted me and one specifically mentioned the words in that message.

    Marissa Loewen

    Creative Career Coach
  • Oh man, MIND. BLOWN! this video was awesome. I mean you have described it in such a way that I totally get! Happily working on my list now.

    Cassandra Appleby

    Lifestyle Coach
  • LOVE love love the module 1 video. You have lit a lightbulb in my imagination. Intuitive is the right word for you

    Sarah Sienkiewicz

    Clearwater Coaching 
  •  I can not express my gratitude. I feel less filled with fear and more filled with joy and inspiration than I have in a long time. .”

    Samantha Quinn

    From plate to Health
    Holistic Health Coach

Danielle Sabrina

Danielle Sabrina

I'm a business intuitive. So that means I get you results to move you forward with your business goals.  

I grew my first list from 2 people to 304 people in 8 days.  I had no testimonials, no paid advertising. I was starting fresh and no one knew me yet.

Discovering who your tribe is so vital in not only building your list, but creating a list of people that want to buy your products and services.  

That's what I teach you in this course, 'What Vibes your Tribe.'